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Posted 7/24/2017

Recent publication: A quality improvement project: “Interventions to Improve Adherence to a Hypoglycemia Protocol”, Lani Destree, Mary Vercellino, and Nancy Armstrong. Diabetes Spectrum published online February 15, 2017.

Posted 8/9/2016

We received news from the national society’s leadership regarding changes in the by-laws. One of the amendments redefines the Society’s membership types. Please check the link below for information.

Posted 5/31/2016

Eric Goodman has been invited to serve on the WOCN Society’s Education Committee as a committee member for a 2 year term. According to Eric, “This position will help me achieve my goal of devoting 25% of my ‘work’ time to volunteering which is a huge often overlooked component of philanthropy.”
Great job and great attitude toward our work as CWOCNs, Eric!

Posted 12/6/2013

Eric Goodman has successfully completed the Certificate for OASIS Specialist-Clinical exam and may now use
the COS-C designation.

To achieve the COS-C designation, sponsored by OASIS Answers, Inc. (OAI), an individual must
successfully complete a 100-item, two and one half hour exam. Since its inception in late 2004,
over 13,000 candidates have taken the COS-C exam looking to demonstrate their OASIS
competency. This exam is the only nationally standardized, psychometrically validated test that
strictly evaluates a clinician's knowledge of CMS' OASIS guidelines.

The Outcome and Assessment Information Set, (OASIS), is a data set required for use in home
health agencies across the country to measure outcomes and processes and to determine
reimbursement for home health patients. OASIS Answers is dedicated to promoting greater
reliability in OASIS data, through consistent application of guidelines provided by the Centers for
Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). OAI facilitates this goal by offering a voluntary certificate
examination which home care providers may take in order to demonstrate and establish their
expertise and commitment to OASIS data accuracy. Candidates who successfully complete the
examination will be awarded the Certificate for OASIS Specialist - Clinical (COS-C) designation.
To learn more about the COS-C Exam and OASIS Answers visit us at or
call 425.868.2304.

Posted 10/26/2013
Ginger was named Principal Scientist, Clinical Research at Hollister Incorporated



  1. Jan Colwell with Barbara Pieper.  Doctoral Education for WOC Nurses Considering Advanced Practice Nursing.  JWOCN, 39 (3), 2012

  2. Mary Sandrik with Karen Bry and Diannalyn Bueshcer.  Never Say Never:  A Descriptive Study of Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers in a Hospital Setting.  JWOCN, 39 (3), 2012.

  3. Jan Colwell with Frank Hoentjen and Stephen Hanauer.  Complications of Peristomal Recurrence of Crohn’s Disease:  A Case Report and a Review of the Literature. JWOCN, 39 (3), 2012.


  1. Connie Kelly and Mary Kirby.  Poster presentation at the WOCN National Conference, June 2012: Going Home with an Ostomy: What Can We Do Better?

  2. Michele Rubin presented at the WOCN National conference, June 2012 on Surgical Management of the Patient with Ulcerative Colitis.
  3. Coleen Drolshagen presented at the WOCN National conference, June 2012 on Mining the Research Gold: “Treasure” in Your Own Backyard.

  4. Ginger Salvadalena presented at the WOCN National conference, June 2012 with a poster and an oral presentation on Changes in Stoma Size During the First 3 Months after Stoma Creation. 

  5. Jean Edie along with Jessica Simmons presented at the WOCN National Conference, June 2012 with a poster entitled:  Pressure Ulcer Reduction and the WOC Nurse’s Role of Putting the Pieces Together.



Anne has also been published in the March 2012 issue of OWM Ostomy Wound Management:

Sharon Baranoski is always advancing our specialty. Read her latest article in the Feb. edition of Advances in Skin and Wound Care Wound_Dressings__An_Evolving_Art_and_Science.10.aspx

Nancy Chaiken elaborated on her poster and is published in the Journal of the WOCN. Reduction_of_Sacral_Pressure_Ulcers_in_the.4.aspxancy

And our President, Malou De Ocampo demonstrates her ostomy expertise in an article in the March/April Journal of the WOCN: WOC_Nurse_Consult__Peristomal_Varices.11.aspx